Vota California!

ACCE Institute and all of California is getting ready for the upcoming special election on Tuesday, September 14th. United as a community let's go out and vote!


ACCE Member Profiles: Mr Stringer

Listen to ACCE Leader Joe Stringer tell his story!


ACCE Member Profiles: Sasha Graham

Listen to Sasha Graham tell her story!


ACCE Member Profiles: Ruby Gordillo

Listen to ACCE leader Ruby tell her story!


Stand with Silvia: Stop Invitation Homes from Evicting her Family

ACTION ALERT! Silvia Venegas was illegally foreclosed on in 2013 through a predatory practice known as "dual-tracking." The company that bought her home out from under her was Wall Street giant Invitation Homes who has been trying to evict her for 5 years now. Monday, March 25th is her LAST eviction court - but we're not counting on the the courts decision - we're asking Invitation Homes to sell Silvia's home back to her family at the value it was assessed at when it was illegally taken from her. CLICK BELOW to email Invitation Homes executives and urge them to Silvia's home back to the family!

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