We know that lack of access to information is one major stumbling block keeping community members from knowing and exercising their rights. That is why we dedicate energy toward increasing the public knowledge of the root causes of issues communities are faced with, existing laws and rights, and potential policy solutions being developed and debated. 

To accomplish this goal we utilize a variety of methods including disseminating informational flyers and pamphlets, conducting educational voter engagement programs, holding workshops, clinics, and issue trainings, and releasing reports written or commissioned by ACCE. One key ingredient to our public education work is our day to day community outreach. ACCE organizers spend 4 hours a day knocking on doors and engaging neighbors in our core communities. This deep connection to the community both puts us in the position of being seen as trusted messengers AND allows us to gather information in real time that informs our analysis and sharpens our messages.

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A donation to ACCE Institute is an investment in individual and systemic transformation. Every dollar we receive is put to work in the fight to create an equitable, inclusive, and just California. Your tax-deductible donation will help provide research, training, and education in support of powerful grassroots leadership.