Key decisions in California are being made at the ballot by a voting population that is significantly older and whiter than the population of the state. This dynamic leads to representation and policy creation that does not reflect the needs or desires of a significant portion of the state’s population. That is why ACCE has spent the last decade working to shift the electorate to more closely match the demographics of the state.  We focus on increasing participation among communities of color, low income people, young folks, and newly naturalized voters, talking to and turning out unlikely voters in our communities.

ACCE Institute has worked up and down California, knocking on doors and calling low propensity voters to understand the issues that matter most to them and talk with them about the importance of voting. Electoral organizing is just one part of our year-round organizing to secure real wins for our targeted communities and to build a movement around those most impacted. We don’t parachute in before an election, we organize and win on issues every day making us trusted messengers in the communities we work in. 

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