At ACCE Institute we believe that to change the conditions people live in long term, we must work to build lasting people power.

We build that power through leadership development, civic engagement, and popular education around a set of issues of concerns. We then engage in issue campaign analysis and planning to address those issues, which is the critical link between abstract education and powerful community change.  

As a multi-issue organization, ACCE Institute is helping community members fight for racial equity, worker's rights and benefits, sustainable communities, access to affordable housing, a strong safety net system, and progressive revenue to fund the services and programs we all rely upon.




At ACCE Institute we take seriously our commitment to bottom-up decision-making and to the leadership development of historically disenfranchised and under-represented community members. Through our training programs and daily leadership development activities, we encourage everyday people to take ownership of their neighborhood priority issue campaign plans and outcomes from the start.

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All too often policy solutions are being developed by academics or think tanks who are not consulting those who will be affected by their proposed solutions. At ACCE, we partner with policy organizations that prioritize the input of community members. Together we gather personal stories to deeply understand how people are being impacted on the ground, get community input on solutions to those problems, and train interested residents to advocate for those solutions to their neighbors, elected officials, and other stakeholders.



We know that lack of access to information is one major stumbling block keeping community members from knowing and exercising their rights. That is why we dedicate energy toward increasing the public knowledge of the root causes of issues communities are faced with, existing laws and rights, and potential policy solutions being developed and debated.



ACCE has spent the last decade working to shift the electorate to more closely match the demographics of the state. We focus on increasing participation among communities of color, low income people, young folks, and newly naturalized voters, talking to and turning out unlikely voters in our target communities.



ACCE Institute is working with allies to make headway on the meaning-making front of power building; redefining what is possible, co-creating with community members a clear and compelling vision of the future for California, and offering inclusive and justice-centered understandings of the world and our place in it.



ACCE Institute is proud to be part of a growing coalition of community, labor, civil rights, and faith-based organizations engaged in the long-term work of creating true liberty and justice for all Californians. Over the last decade, not only have we been able to secure significant victories for our members, but we have also greatly increased our capacity to create powerful impact by broadening and deepening relationships with our partners across the state.

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