ACCE intentionally works with community members who are being directly impacted by structural oppression - specifically those who suffer from structural racism and economic barriers. Central to our theory of change is centering our work around those most impacted and working with them to address those issues head on. That includes giving community members the tools to identify and prioritize issue fights as well as policy solutions. All too often policy solutions are being developed by academics or think tanks who are not consulting those who will be affected by their proposed solutions. At ACCE, we partner with policy organizations that value the input of community members. Together we gather personal stories to deeply understand how people are being impacted on the ground, get community input on solutions to those problems, and train interested residents to advocate for those solutions to their neighbors, elected officials, and other stakeholders.

We then fight for our community prioritized solutions through issue campaign work. These issue campaigns combine our leadership development, political education, policy creation, strategic partnerships and community mobilization efforts to wage proactive fights that expand  our base, and deliver meaningful short and long term wins as we contribute to a movement working to realize the vision of a just and inclusive California that we seek. A key feature of these fights is their ability to force our targets to divert their attention from their agenda. We compel them to engage us on our terrain, allowing us to redefine the fight and reshape the sites of struggle. As a multi-issue organization, ACCE Institute has the flexibility to assist in the research and campaign development of any number of issues. Our campaigns have focused on Healthy Affordable Housing, Racial Equity, High Quality Education for All, Worker Rights, Development without Displacement, Tax Equity, Neighborhood Infrastructure, Access to Transportation, and a Strong Social Safety Net.

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