About ACCE Institute

The mission of the ACCE Institute is to improve the lives of California's traditionally underserved residents, including communities of color, low-income and working families, and the undocumented population, by carrying out work that fosters deep, indigenous leadership development, policy creation, robust civic participation, and broad community empowerment. 

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Housing Justice

Learn more about our work to stop displacement and save homes!

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Refund California

Working towards progressive revenue solutions that will fully fund the programs and services our communities depend on.

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Worker Justice

We stand with low wages workers for increased wages, paid sick days, a fair workweek, and rights on the job!

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Sustainable Communities

We demand strong neighborhood infrastructure, good community schools, and quality affordable healthcare for all.

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Civic Engagement

Our year-round integrated voter engagement model to increase turn-out in lower income communities of color.  

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ACCE Institute Rolls Out a New Integrated Racial and Economic Justice Training

The staff of ACCE Institute is committed to helping community members unpack and tackle the issues that most negatively impact their lives –especially as they help lead to economic, racial and social justice. It is in that tradition that ACCE Institute developed an analysis and framework through which organizations and their members can view issues and develop campaign plans taking into account both Race and Class simultaneously, two of the most impactful and divisive systems of oppression people face today.

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A-Team: Raising the Voices of Everyday Californians

The ACCE A-Team is a transformative training program that develops leaders in the classroom and in the field into neighborhood organizers and campaigners motivated to expand the people’s movement.

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2015 ACCE Institute Leaders Speak

Check out this video of our leaders across the state talking about the work that they are most proud of.

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