We are a coalition of students, faculty, alumni, and community fighting for a better USC. For years we’ve witnessed skyrocketing tuition put higher education out of reach for many in our city. We’ve seen our faculty and graduate students’ work go under-rewarded and under-appreciated, teaching and conducting research without an adequate voice in the decisions affecting their work and their students. We’ve seen our university shift from an institution of higher learning to a business – focusing on profits over quality education.

Our university is becoming a luxury for the wealthy instead of a pathway to the American Dream. Students spend their entire lives trying to pay off debt, yet too many professors are paid so little that they qualify for food stamps – all while top administrators pay themselves millions. Together, we are fighting to restore the promise of higher education: a commitment to quality, accessible instruction that graduates students without debt, pays our educators a living wage, and generates more opportunities for everyone in our communities.

A donation to ACCE Institute is an investment in individual and systemic transformation. Every dollar we receive is put to work in the fight to create an equitable, inclusive, and just California. Your tax-deductible donation will help provide research, training, and education in support of powerful grassroots leadership.