San Diego Field Organizer

This position is permanent and full time.

Location: San Diego area - in person 4 days a week.

Wage: The starting pay is $24.99 an hour, and scales up based on experience

About ACCE: 

The Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment (ACCE) is dedicated to raising the voices of everyday Californians, neighborhood by neighborhood, so that current and future generations have the ability to live in stronger communities and have access to expanded opportunities. 

ACCE is a statewide community organization working with thousands of members across the state to create transformative change by helping ordinary citizens to organize and take action. Some of ACCE’s priority program areas include: 

  • Fighting for affordable and secure housing by holding banks and corporations accountable for their bad business practices 
  • Defending vital services by reforming California’s broken fiscal system 
  • Giving our children the opportunity to succeed through sound education reform; and Improving access to health care 

Please note that ACCE does not provide community services. Rather, we work directly in neighborhoods with local residents to advocate for the change they want to see in their communities. 

As an employer, ACCE values work-life balance for our staff. Our organizing staff have a set schedule that is subject to change on occasion but allows for staff to have full lives outside of the important work we do. Also, we believe that the work thrives when staff can grow their skills and move up within the organization. ACCE is an organization that welcomes healthy ambition and a strong passion for the work. 

Field Organizer: 

The Alliance of California for Community Empowerment (ACCE) is seeking a Field Organizer for the Oakland Office. ACCE is a multi-issue, membership-based community organization, building the power and voice of indigent and working families across the state of California. With offices in 6 cities, ACCE works in local communities and statewide to fight for economic, racial, and social justice. 

About the Position: The role of an ACCE Field Organizer is to build a community organization of motivated, empowered, and mobilized community leaders who act collectively, strategically, and powerfully to win on issues of importance to their families and to their neighborhoods. ACCE Field Organizers build organization by talking with residents about the changes they want to see in their local communities and beyond. Field Organizers build upon these conversations by preparing and training community leaders to research key issues, hold subsequent meetings and trainings with other community members, and develop thoughtful campaign strategies that lead to local wins and broader victories. 

The lists of Key Duties and Responsibilities below are not all-encompassing of job responsibilities related to each position. Occasionally, you may be asked to perform additional duties as directed by your supervisor

Key Duties and Responsibilities – Field Organizer I:

  • Full participation in all office and/or field training(s). Topics that will likely be covered include: o Membership recruitment and dues collection

o How to carry out an organizing drive 

o Basic leadership development methods 

o Facilitation affective meetings 

o Key elements of successful organizing campaign 

o Grassroots fundraising techniques including but not limited to individual donor fundraising and business sustainer programs 

  • Spend at least 4 hours per day knocking on doors to identify and recruit new ACCE members Minimum standard = 5 dues paying members per month
  • Assess and develop new community leaders through follow-up via meetings, trainings, phone calls, and home visits.
  • Work with community leaders to plan and carry out small and large organizing meetings Work with community leaders to plan and carry out actions, press conferences, public events, membership drives and rallies
  • Complete at least one neighborhood organizing drive using the methods described above Full participation in occasional out-of-town organizational meetings & trainings

Key Qualifications – Field Organizer I: 

  • Belief in organizing for power and commitment to social justice.
  • Ability to take initiative and be creative
  • Sound interpersonal and communication skills appropriate to providing a quality member experience including the ability to establish and cultivate respectful relationships with people from diverse backgrounds.
  • Comfortability with multilingual organizing
  • Sound organizational skills to manage and prioritize work subject to deadlines in a dynamic and changing environment, as an individual and as a member of a team.
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office, Google Workplace, databases and the internet.
  • Ability to walk at least 4 hours per day

Job Requirements: 

  • Bi-lingual in English and Spanish (not required but encouraged)
  • Must be willing to work afternoons, evenings and some weekends
  • Must meet monthly performance standards
  • Must be a resident of California

Compensation: Pay is Tier I for Field I. 2023 pay starts at $24.99 an hour, and scales up based on experience. ACCE offers healthcare, life insurance, and 401k to full time employees. 

ACCE is an Equal Employment Opportunity employer and actively recruits people of color, women, individuals with disabilities and members of the LGBTQ community.

A donation to ACCE Institute is an investment in individual and systemic transformation. Every dollar we receive is put to work in the fight to create an equitable, inclusive, and just California. Your tax-deductible donation will help provide research, training, and education in support of powerful grassroots leadership.