Our Team


of Directors

Marina Delgado

Secretary Treasurer

Richard Hopson
Joy Susan Hutchinson
Sonia Peña
Elena Popp

Board Chair



Danny Acevedo

Home Defender Organizer

Patricia Aguiar

Contra Costa Community Outreach Coordinator

Luis Fernando Anguiano
Statewide Communications Associate
Valarie Bachelor

Oakland Director

Jenise Dixon

Climate Organizer

Shea Dlott

Development Coordinator

Jovana Fajardo

Sacramento Director

Lupita Gonzalez

Los Angeles Organizer

Walker Grier

Development & Data Associate

Gabriel Guzman
San Diego Organizer
Curran Hamilton

Lead Administrative Assistant

Jazmine Hirt
Oakland Organizer
Eric Lerner

Campaign Director on Climate and Corporate Accountability 

Christina Livingston

Statewide Executive Director

Jose Lopez

San Diego Director

Alexa Martinez

San Diego Administrative Assistant

Grace Martinez

Deputy Director

Gisele Mata

Los Angeles Administrative Assistant 

Peggy Mears

Operations Director

Patricia Mendoza

Statewide Online to Offline Organizer

Sylvia Moore

Communications Lead

Estuardo Mazariegos
Los Angeles Co-Director
Edith Pastrano

Contra Costa Lead Organizer

Mayron Payes

Training Director

Juan Rubalcava

Civic Engagement Coordinator

Lily Sandlin

Sacramento Office Admin

Amy Schur

Campaign Director

David Sharples

Contra Costa Director

Anya Svanoe

Communications Director

Raul Velasquez

Contra Costa Organizer

Nancy Villanueva

Los Angeles Lead Organizer

Chad Williams
Los Angeles Organizer
Melvin Willis

Contra Costa Organizer

Sergio Vargas

Los Angeles Co-Director

Charles Xu
Los Angeles Organizer
Hassan Zuniga

Los Angeles Organizer

Elizabeth Hernandez

Los Angeles Education Organizer

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