Narrative Development Intro

Building community power is core to ACCE Institute’s mission, and we know that power is built on 3 fronts: Organizing (people and resources), Infrastructure (organizationally and collectively), and Making Meaning (shaping hearts and minds). The meaning-making front is perhaps the least developed in organizing culture and at the same time has the potential to be most impactful. ACCE Institute is working with allies to make headway on the meaning-making front of power building; redefining what is possible, co-creating a clear and compelling vision of the future of California, and offering inclusive and justice-centered understandings of the world and our place in it.

This work includes ideological exploration, political education, cultural creation, and narrative development that advances our organizing and policy work at a deeper and more fundamental level.

ACCE is a proud participant of the Just Cities Narrative Project nationally as well as the Shift the Narrative Project in the Bay Area.

A donation to ACCE Institute is an investment in individual and systemic transformation. Every dollar we receive is put to work in the fight to create an equitable, inclusive, and just California. Your tax-deductible donation will help provide research, training, and education in support of powerful grassroots leadership.