Million Voters Project

Wall Street, real estate, oil companies, and giant corporations continue to spend billions to buy political power in both major parties (made especially possible given California’s “top two” primary system), and use that political influence to reduce consumer protections, give out corporate subsidies, and reduce corporate taxes. As a result,  corporations, hedge funds, and real estate developers spend more and more in each election to support issues and candidates that share their vision of profits over people, essentially attacking our communities in every election!

But, we have proven that when we create strategic alliances to broaden our base of power, not only can we defeat their attacks, but we can pass strong proactive policies that benefit our communities! That is why ACCE Institute is part of the Million Voters Project (MVP) - an unprecedented collaboration of California’s strongest community-based networks organizing to expand California’s electorate. We are uniting all of California - low income families, parents, young people, Black, Latino and Asian Pacific Islander communities, immigrants and refugees, people of faith, and the formerly incarcerated - to build our political power as the new California majority.

A donation to ACCE Institute is an investment in individual and systemic transformation. Every dollar we receive is put to work in the fight to create an equitable, inclusive, and just California. Your tax-deductible donation will help provide research, training, and education in support of powerful grassroots leadership.