Director of People and Culture

Position: Director of People and Culture

Full-time, permanent position

Location: Could be in Oakland, Richmond, Sacramento, Los Angeles or San Diego - in office 4 days a week.

Compensation: $82,535-$105,419 based on experience


Organization: The Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment (ACCE) is dedicated to raising the voices of everyday Californians, neighborhood by neighborhood, so that current and future generations have the ability to live in stronger communities and have access to expanded opportunities.

ACCE is a statewide community organization working with thousands of members to create transformative change by helping marginalized Californians to organize and take action. Some of ACCE’s priority program areas include:

  • Defending vital services by increasing progressive revenue at the state and local levels;

  • Giving our children the opportunity to succeed through sound education reform;

  • Fighting for safe and affordable housing by holding wall street landlords accountable for their bad business practices and working to create a housing system that operates off the private market;

  • Improving access to health care for all; and

  • Fighting for an equitable green transition away from fossil fuels

Please note that ACCE does not provide community services. Rather, we work directly in neighborhoods with local residents to advocate for the change they want to see in their communities.

The PositionThe Director of People and Culture is responsible for cultivating staff engagement and management practices that are aligned with our values, and increasing staff resilience and retention. We estimate that candidates will have several years of relevant HR and culture shift experience, but our review of candidates for this role will focus on whether the applicant can fill the needs of the position, not entirely years of experience.

The Director of People and Culture will serve as a key advisor to the Executive and Operations Teams on matters related to human resources and organizational culture. In addition, the role will serve as the liaison between the ACCE Management team and the ACCE staff union representatives. This position will report to the Executive Director.

The lists of Key Duties and Responsibilities below are not all-encompassing of job responsibilities related to this position. Occasionally, you may be asked to perform additional duties as directed by your supervisor.

Key Duties and Responsibilities –  

  • Lead all aspects of the development and execution of an ACCE human resources and  inclusive culture strategy grounded in the organization’s values of racial justice and equity;

  • Lead efforts to improve internal communication and the development of efforts to build team cohesion through staff meetings, retreats and/or other events, in partnership with the Leadership Team;

  • Work to resolve staff complaints if agreements cannot be reached between staff and supervisors

  • Serve as the liaison between the ACCE management team and the ACCE staff union shop stewards/IAM staff. This will include interfacing with ACCE legal supports and union consultants as needed;

  • Work with the Operations and Director teams to ensure that recruitment, onboarding, 360 feedback, coaching, and professional development reflect ACCE’s values; 

  • Serve as a strategic advisor to the Leadership Team on staff development, engagement and culture issues;

  • Lead and/or support other team-based or organization-wide strategic culture shift processes as needed.

Key Qualifications –

  • Minimum of 7 years work experience in human resources in a mission driven non-profit organization

    • Preferred: Experience in a unionized environment.

  • Experience working through difficult issues with a solutions-oriented approach to achieve organizational change;

  • A proven track-record as a skilled communicator;

  • High emotional intelligence, including a track record of employing emotional fortitude, awareness, and skill to navigate complex interpersonal relationships, calmly and with confidence,; 

  • Success designing internal information sharing and staff engagement systems that support mission-aligned work;

  • Advanced organizational skills with a proven ability to multi-task in an efficient and effective manner 

  • Experience as a collaborator that is able to gather stakeholder input to create innovative shared solutions that meet the needs of the organization;

  • Success as independent, self-motivated, and strong leader that is able to drive project and programs to completion in fast-paced environments;

  • Demonstrated commitment to equitable and inclusive practices in all phases of your work;

  • Ability to manage confidential and sensitive information with discretion;

  • A demonstrated commitment to social, racial, and economic justice and a deep understanding of challenges facing low-income people, immigrant communities, communities of color, disabled people, LGBTQ+ folks, and people at the intersections of the above communities.

Compensation:  ACCE Director level positions are exempt and salaried. Pay is set based on level of responsibility and years of experience. Tier VI. $82,535-$105,419

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