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Countywide Level: 

Measure A1:  Affordable Housing Bond

Background:  Between 2008 and 2013 state and federal funding to Alameda County for affordable homes decreased by 89%.  Between 2011 and 2015 Oakland rents increased by 45%; Alameda County rents by 34%.  Alameda County has a shortfall of 60,911 housing units affordable to very low and extremely low-income households.

Key parts of the measure:

  • Creates between 3-5,000 new units of affordable housing throughout the County
  • $580 Million Dollar General Obligation Bond
  • Will assess a $48-56 per year for Alameda County homeowners (with average property assessed at $400,000)


City of Berkeley:

Measure Z1:  Measure for authorization for “low-rent” housing

Key parts of the Measure:

  • Approves construction of 500 additional units of low-rent housing in the city of Berkeley only
  • This measure grants only general authority for units to be developed, constructed or acquired and does not approve any individual project. All projects subject to this grant of authority would be required to comply with all applicable federal, state and local laws including land use, housing and building requirements.


Measure AA:  Eviction for “Good Cause” Ordinance

Key parts of the measure:

  • It would require that landlords pay $15,000 to all tenant households evicted for owner move-ins (OMI), with an additional $5,000 ($20,000 maximum per rental unit) for low-income, disabled, elderly, families with minor children, or tenancies that began prior to 1999, and would allow a Rent Board hearing examiner to adjudicate disputes as to tenants’ eligibility to receive the additional $5,000.


City of Oakland:

Measure JJ:  Renter Protection Act of 2016

Key parts of this measure: 

  • It would extend “just cause” for eviction protections to December 31, 1995 to renters living in buildings of 3 or more units
  • Would require landlords petition for any rent increases above the annual consumer price index


Measure KK:  City of Oakland Infrastructure Bond                                              

Key parts of this measure:

  • $600 million dollar general obligation bond
  • $500 million dedicated to infrastructure repair including streets, water & sewage, parks and libraries
  • $100 million dedicated to preserving affordable housing including development of rental housing and loan accessibility for homeowners
  • $311 for Oakland residential property owner (with average property assessed at $434,028)

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